Motor Show The 24th edition of the IMS will take place in November 2023

Following on from a first successful organisation under the leadership of a Pole Position team boasting a “new look” last November, the International Motorshow Luxembourg had returned to its good end-of-year habits on Grand Duchy soil. Nevertheless, we will need to wait until 10th, 11th and 12th November 2023 to enjoy the next edition of this event bringing together cars, motorbikes and mobility in the broadest sense of the word … 

“The International Motorshow Luxembourg has always enjoyed a big success in November, Christian Jupsin, General Manager of Pole Position explained. Unfortunately, at this time it is impossible for us to organise the 2022 event. In fact, the Expogast trade fair, which is held once every four years and uses all the exhibition palaces, will be held throughout the entire month of November. The only date offered to Pole Position, the IMS organisers, was the weekend of 16th, 17th and 18th December. However we felt that it was simply not rational to mount the Motorshow Luxembourg for our public one week before Christmas! It was therefore decided that we take a step back, to return in the month of November 2023 with an exceptional edition …”

This is known as taking a step backwards in order to enjoy a better leap forward, and actualise the trends that were clearly visible during the 2021 edition, following a year’s interruption due to the health crisis. “This first post-Covid edition was simply not easy to set up, but we did manage to put together a new formula that immediately appealed to the general public, Jean-François Elst, Commercial Director of Pole Position added. During the debriefing after the event, it appeared essential to us to refocus on competition and the various entertainment activities, which have always been key elements in the success of the International Motorshow. Projects for the 2022 edition had been put forward, but have now simply been postponed for one year, and everyone can count on Pole Position to return to cruising speed with an event that is more than ever centred on the present and the future …”

The Pole Position team is already hard at work preparing for a landmark 2023 vintage, to be held on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November.

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