Motor Show International Motorshow Luxembourg postponed until 2021

The uncertainties linked to the latest sanitary conditions as also the costs involved got the better of the 2020 edition of the International Motorshow. The Pole Position team carried out an in-depth analysis to justify this decision regarding holding the event and sadly regrets having to postpone their event.  As such the numerous visitors at Luxexpo The Box will need to be patient for more than another twelve months prior to rediscovering the manifestation hat has been close to their heart since near on a quarter of a century.

The measures to be put in place when it comes to the management of sanitary conditions for an event held inside are important”, Christian Jupsin and Francis Detaille in the name of Pole Position, stated in unison. “In our case it is the entire architecture and the surface of the event that need to be reviewed”, they added, “forcing us to rethink the entire business plan so as not to jeopardise the sustainability of the event.”
Is it a blessing in disguise, some might retort? Exactly! “Let’s look at things in a positive manner, this postponement will give us an additional year to bring about a truly different International Motorshow Luxembourg 2021, one which will remain in the annals”, the organisers continued. “What is known as taking a step back to see the bigger picture. We were obviously full of enthusiasm to show everyone how much the event had evolved this autumn, but circumstances beyond our control decided otherwise for us. So, rendezvous in the autumn of 2021, and between now and then, we will not fail to keep you informed of how the IMS Luxembourg intends to tackle its quarter century of existence. Hoping to see you soon and stay safe!

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