Motor Show Brough Superior: the icon of top of the range motorbikes

As previously announced, the 2021 edition of the International Motorshow Luxembourg will focus on renewal. Surprises in abundance, and for the two-wheel enthusiasts, the formalising of the presence of Brough Superior represents fabulous news! Created in Nottingham in… 1919 by George Brough, over two decades the make has gratified the most prestigious clients, seduced by its awesome engineering. Elegance, savoir-faire, Brough Superior excelled in all areas. Resulting in the creation of true masterpieces … 

Even though the make closed its doors on the eve on the second World War, Brough Superior resurfaced on the scene in 2013, with the presentation in Milan of today’s SS100. It was an immediate success, resurgence a fact! Under the leadership of the Frenchman Thierry Henriette, more than ever Brough Superior wished to remain faithful to George Brough’s vision, namely the merger of technology and design, with a hand-crafted superiority from creation through to production. 

Brough Superior is back on the rails, and the range never ceases to elicit praise, with the resurgence of the Super Sport 100, the Lawrence, the world’s most luxurious two-seater, the streamlined Pendine, the family’s tearaway, and the Anniversary celebrating the make’s centenary. Not forgetting the AMB 001, the outcome of a collaboration with … Aston Martin for the design and the engineering! The result is a light and powerful motorbike, with superior mechanical and aesthetic attributes, a high-performance technical masterpiece reserved for the track.  

From time immemorial the Brough Superior make has captivated motorbike aficionados. Gilles Sliwinski, an out-and-out enthusiast, is no exception, having opened Brough Superior Grand Est in 2021, driven by his love for top of the range makes to satisfy an ever more demanding public. 

In a nutshell it is a make combining exclusivity and prestige that will be present at the International Motorshow Luxembourg 2021! A sort of icing on the cake in the motorbike world that promises to be quite simply exceptional. 

Rendezvous on the Kirchberg plateau on Friday 19th (14.00hrs-22.00hrs), Saturday 20th (10.00hrs-20.00hrs) and Sunday 21st November (10.00hrs-19.00hrs).

Contact Brough Superior: Gilles Sliwinski,, +

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