Motor Show Welcome to the Schilling Motor Show Arena!

It’s a well-known and greatly appreciated tradition at the International Motor Show Luxembourg! While the visitors happily move from booth to booth to satisfy their passion for cars and motorcycles, the entertainment in the interior courtyard of LuxExpo is traditionally in full swing. The 2023 edition of the IMS will be no exception, with drifting, stunt and even X-Car races all on the menu at the Schilling Motor Show Arena!

“For us at Pole Position, the objective is to ensure that the public gets an eye- and ear-full”, says Jean-François Elst on behalf of the organization. “The central area of LuxExpo is perfect for such a purpose… as long as it is completely secure. With our partner Schilling, a Luxembourg company specialising in tailor-made solutions in the field of building and civil engineering, this demonstration and competition zone will be equipped in a state-of-the-art fashion. Not only will spectators be able to enjoy the show in complete safety, but the artists behind the wheel and at the handlebars will have a blast as well. Let it be known that the Shilling Motor Show Arena will more than ever act as ‘the place to be’ to fill up on decibels, the smell of burnt rubber and thrills!”

Luxembourg driver Rohan Van Riel will take care of the Drift part, using a demo area he knows by heart! Anyone who wishes to do so will have the opportunity to accompany him in his powerful BMW. You’ll be impressed! As for Portuguese rider Ricardo Domingos Arrepiado, he will be back on familiar territory with his motorbike, quad and Smart. As usual with this very popular stuntman, everything will move very fast!

Last but not least, and in close collaboration with LifeLive, a Race of Champions will be held on Sunday afternoon, pitting some ten drivers against each other, at the wheel of X-Cars. More info very soon!

Let it be known that the Shilling Motor Show Arena will more than ever constitute the centrepiece of IMS Luxembourg 2023. We look forward to seeing you there!

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