Motor Show Harley Davidson Luxembourg celebrates the brand’s 120th anniversary

The 2023 edition of the International Motor Show Luxembourg coincides with the 120th anniversary of Harley Davidson. It is no surprise therefore, that the legendary American brand will be one of the highlights of the event organised by Pole Position, which is scheduled for November 10th, 11th and 12th in the LuxExpo facilities. There will be more than an exhibition summarizing the fabulous history of the brand created in 1903 by William Harley and Arthur Davidson, it will be a real Harley Davidson Experience, a complete immersion in the atmosphere and universe of the American icon.

Located in Moutfort, to the south-east of Luxembourg City, the official Harley Davidson Luxembourg dealership will obviously be involved. It’s all a question of seducing, but also of creating surprises for the visitors… “Let it be known: even 120 years after its creation, Harley Davidson is still a brand on the move, a brand that evolves and that is constantly renewing itself,” explains Alexandre Valentiny, owner of the dealership inaugurated in 1999, which will occupy a 1200 m² area to fully highlight all merits of the brand. “Alongside more traditional – but all different – machines, there will also be an electric Harley on show, or even a trail. One should call this evolution, not revolution, as long as the DNA of the brand, getting maximum driving pleasure, is preserved.”

One of the main strengths of Harley Davidson, an aspect which maintains the legendary status of the brand, is this infinite variation on the same theme… “We will prove it during the International Motor Show: each Harley is different because there are countless customization possibilities”, Alexandre Valentiny continues. “In fact, on these motorcycles, everything can be modified! Moreover, these transformations include different styles, whether they are more contemporary or more classic. Which means that there’s something for everyone, but also that the Harley crowd is constantly renewing itself…”

Let us also point out that each official dealership of the Harley Davidson brand is linked to a HOG, a Harley Owners Group. They form a Chapter, and the members of the Luxembourg Chapter are part of the… one million owners who are officially registered worldwide!

Past, present, future, from the Sportster to the Touring: Harley Davidson continues to make the news and hit the headlines. The Ride and Have Fun concept just has to be part of your visit to IMS Luxembourg 2023!

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